Why Every Accommodation with Food Service Needs A Dumbwaiter

Most people will agree that hotel management requires collaboration from all the departments within the establishment. Teamwork is crucial for the smooth running of operations. The operations of a hotel cannot be managed by one department. Therefore all the responsibilities have to be shared across the establishment—each department taking its fair share and giving it its best.

The most important and crucial role lies in ensuring that the clients are always happy. Without clients, the hotel will go down. Happy guests aid in marketing and sharing referrals within their circle about the hotel. This gesture works to the hotel’s advantage as they are being marketed and assured of guests.

To achieve this, all the hotel facilities have to be working fine, and a means to ease service delivery has to be formulated. Every operation in the hotel has to be carried out efficiently and effectively. The hotel has to ensure that its clients are always pleased with the services they are receiving in the establishment. Client satisfaction is the major reason why most hotels are incorporating dumbwaiters in their premises. They have numerous advantages that make them a necessity for hotels with food service. The main benefits of installing dumbwaiters are;

Improve Efficiency

While most people see dumbwaiters from the transportation aspect, they fail to see it from the bigger picture that has helped ease a lot of workload in a hotel. It is not about moving items across different floors but the convenience of providing quality service to clients. They aid in the improvement of hotel efficiency a great deal.


Most dumbwaiters come with a safety feature that prevents the device from falling. The fall can be caused by cable or rope failure. The safety feature guarantees that both guests and staffs are safe at all times. They are a good mobility solution for elderly and disabled guests as they can enjoy the hotel amenities with a lot of ease. Food transportation is also safe, and the risk of contamination is reduced. Cases of food poisoning will decrease when it comes to foodservice within the hotel.

Worthwhile Investment

Regardless of how you look at it, dumbwaiters are a worthwhile investment for any establishment. It is a one-off cost that serves its purpose with efficiency and for a long time. The hotel will greatly benefit from its many uses. The costs of expenditure to incur it will not be felt but rather be recovered in a short while through service efficiency that generates more revenue for the hotel.

Transport Convenience

Dumbwaiters offer a quick solution to the mobility of stuff no matter how heavy they are. This aids hotels in transporting meals between floors with a lot of ease. Customers do not have to wait for long for their orders.  Dumbwaiters promote efficiency in the running of things across different departments within the hotel.

Make Lifting easier

When staffs continuously engage in lifting objects after a short while, they may start to experience back pain depending on the posture when conducting this task. The pain will directly affect their productivity. It will greatly affect the efficiency of operations. Dumbwaiters will help avoid such problems from occurring since staff will use them to lift and transport items.

Save Time

A lot of time is used when moving items one at a time within a hotel establishment by the staff. However, dumbwaiters will be able to ensure that such tasks are accomplished within a short time frame. Staff can use the rest of the time to carry out different productive tasks around the hotel. It simply means that the hotel employees save their time and can manage their duties effectively.

Dumbwaiters are an asset for any hotel. As a useful addition to the establishment, the hotel management has to ensure proper maintenance and servicing takes place now and then. Proper maintenance will ensure no disruption of service and that the dumbwaiter can last for long. They are versatile and hence easy to use and can serve many purposes. Proper care will ensure that they run properly for a long period. Dumbwaiters are must have for every accommodation that runs food service as it one of its operations. They make up the list of the inventions that have been overlooked for a long time. However, it can improve the quality of service that guests will receive at a hotel.