What Are Common Issues and Maintenance Problems In Caravans?

You have to be in love with adventure and spontaneity to own a motorhome; the convenience and flexibility of caravans are satisfying. The fact that you don’t have to hurry home or a nearby town for food or accommodation is enough vacation; with a caravan, you are self-sufficient. Whichever place interests your eyes and feels suitable to your body is home. While you enjoy unlimited freedom of stay and adventure, caravans have their fair share of problems. Caravans, as caravan repair, involve more than mechanical issues like regular vehicles. Mechanical issues are the least of your worries because with such you can easily point out a problem and fix. Maintenance of caravans involves internal and external electrical repairs; you have to keep these in check to avoid surprises or inconveniences on your trip.

Here are some common problems you should look out for before setting out on a trip.

Leaking shower

Plumbing and shower trays should be your first check when you notice water-dripping form the shower when not in use. Leakage is the last thing you want to experience in a caravan because water has significant effects on the floor and other parts of your motorhome. A mere crack on shower tray exposes you to risks of falling and possible infections because of rust in the pipes. A slippery floor can easily lead to falls and physical injury. Rusty pipes is a breeding environment for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms that can leak through kitchen taps.

Failing taps

It is a common concern for people with caravans to be stranded because no water is running from the taps. Usually, water supply is not the issue. Failing taps are often caused by battery issues, plumping, pumping, and fault with micro switches. It can be frustrating after a long drive in the middle of nowhere to find your taps are completely off. The causes of type failure usually require expertise diagnosis for substantive repairs; you don’t want to be dealing with the same issue every time. Battery power and performance largely influences pumps and flow of water.

Failed air conditioners

A constant flow of fresh air in and out of a caravan is vital for comfortability during a vacation. it is no adventure if you are having problems with your air conditioner; stuffiness or cold is no way to enjoy your trip. Caravan systems are all interconnected in the sense that failure in the supply of power from the battery or recharging of the battery affects all systems including air conditioning. It is not strange to meet people stranded outside a caravan because the inside is too hot; it is worse if you were exploring arid regions.


Short-circuiting and loose connections lead to a power outage. Apart from failure in air conditioner and water supply, lights will also go off. While some caravans are designed to allow natural light, it is never enough because of the multiple compartments in a caravan. External light cannot suffice; you will be stranded the moment lights go off. It is a common electrical issue with caravans that experts can easily diagnose and fix; loose cables and short-circuit is a major cause of the blackout.

Van sagging

Beam axle and leaf springs are typical suspension techniques used in caravans. They are not easy to break but are common causes of van sagging. The suspension can be affected due to overloading of a caravan or hitting bumps on high speed. When the load is more than the van can pull, it exerts pressure on the suspension and joint between the two motors hence sagging on one side. This can be easily noticed when driving; you will feel a weight on one side when maneuvering a corner. Do not assume one-sided weight when pulling a caravan, it might lead to serious accident or damage to your whole equipment.

Kitchen damage

Falling utensils from a cupboard are common causes of scratch on kitchen benchtops and sinks. Depending on weight and materials of your cups and plates, they can tear up the benchtops and break taps. All you need is engaging an expert for full repair; the kitchen can be ugly with scratches all over. Apart from functionality, design, and appearance of your caravan interior are vital. Everything should be perfect when heading out on a vacation; if you can’t repair or replace the kitchen skin and benchtops better postpone your trip until you all the repairs are done.

Fridge and washing machine failure

Just like the air conditioner and lighting system, these two also rely on proper electrical connections. It is important to pay a professional to install a fridge and washing machine. It is not only cost saving because you will not have to check for loose electrical cables or short circuits every time but also safe. Short circuits with a washing machine can be dangerous especially if you are going on a trip with kids. Water and electricity are dangerous if they mix; this is why you should find an expert for all external and internal electrical installations.

Investing in a caravan is a great idea if you love adventure; however, you should be ready to check regularly on its electrical connections and any faults as highlighted to avoid unnecessary hassle while on vacation.