Sophisticated Landscape Designs

Andy Murray is the producer of carefully designed gardens suitable for everyone. The landscape designs are sophisticated and based on producing a unique, individual style for the owner of the garden. Gardens are carefully crafted with care and passion to deliver a beautiful and functional garden with added elegance.

Andy Murray Landscape Design is based in Australia, Melbourne, Victoria and has since the foundation, structured eight fully formed garden designs that are unique and resemble a choice in personal choice. Having worked in partnership with Verdigris, a successful landscape design company, Andy Murray then went solo in designing and producing his own garden designs.


Andy has a great eye for detail and can pick the best designs for a landscape to produce the best garden possible. He has also acquired a lot of his skills with a strong knowledge in horticulture, when studying the subject at Burnley School of Horticulture.

As a qualified landscape designer, he has been successful in designing hundreds of gardens for many people, including private clients and developers. Furthermore, he has partnered up with leading architects and innovators in Australia to enhance his business and design sophisticated landscape designs for gardens.

Andy Murray Landscape Designs can turn your garden into a sophisticated landscape with elegance and a major improvement overall to enrich the lives of people who are viewing the garden and increase the value of your property. His work is of high standard and is always collaborating with his clients to ensure the best possible garden is formed through his vision and experience.

Andy has a passion for design in general but specifically garden design as he has had experience with designing gardens and studied in the past. His passion includes ensuring that the gardens look sophisticated and clean when completed and he hopes that his clients feel sophisticated and happy in the future with their enhanced garden.


From start to finish, Andy is there and involved in the project to ensure that the client is satisfied and everything they require for their garden is fully noted and understood.

An initial meeting would be set up first to discuss the client’s requirements and answer any questions that they may have. A viewing of house will also be organised to see exactly what enhancements need to be made and to grasp the client’s vision.

The process of building the garden will then be arranged and from there a pending completion is set for the garden. On-going garden maintenance is also a process that will continue to ensure that there are no issues with the garden and if so that they are dealt with accordingly and in a professional manger.

We want to ensure that we build strong long term relationships with our clients and remain professional to produce the best sophisticated landscape designs.

We cover commission from small country yards, rooftop gardens and even large county estates; Andy Murray can add a stream of freshness and uniqueness to the garden that is based on the client’s personal preference.

We want to ensure that your garden is well planned and development in a way that is of the highest quality possible.