Ngaro Sea Trail

The Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail is very easy to navigate with private, chartered and commercial boats available, but you can also use a kayak and other vessels you find convenient to use. There are commercial boats you can find on the Shute Harbor and the Airlie Beach. The Bareboats can found on the Hamilton Island, Shute Harbor and Airlie Beach. You can easily find public boat ramps in the area without much trouble. This makes exploring the scenic walk along the Ngaro Sea Trail much fun and convenient for tourists.

Camping along Ngaro Sea Trail
There are a good range of camping locations in the Ngaro Sea Trail where tourists must camp to feel the natural life style of the Ngaro people, with a small fee of $5.30 for camping which you will need to pay. Also before you can camp in the natural park you will need a camping permit. Depending on the number of days and nights you plan on camping the price will be calculated at the rate of $21.30 per night. The family group can comprise of two adults and accompanying children under the age of eighteen. There is no campign fee for children below the age of five, but if schools wish to arrange excursion visits, it costs $2.90 per child.

Before going camping make sure to prepare well because there will be lots of fine white sand and rubble. There will be micro-flush toilets and picnic tables provided in most camping grounds, however, open fires and use of generators is prohibited at the Ngaro Sea Trail camping locations.

The camping locations in the Ngaro Sea Trail include:

  • Sandy Bay, South Molle Island
  • Paddle Bay, South Molle Island
  • Northern Spit, Henning Island
  • Chance Bay, Whitsunday Island
  • Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island
  • Peter Bay, Whitsunday Island
  • Dugong Beach, Whitsunday Island
  • Curlew Beach, Hook Island