Why Every Accommodation with Food Service Needs A Dumbwaiter

Most people will agree that hotel management requires collaboration from all the departments within the establishment. Teamwork is crucial for the smooth running of operations. The operations of a hotel cannot be managed by one department. Therefore all the responsibilities have to be shared across the establishment—each department taking its fair share and giving it its best.

The most important and crucial role lies in ensuring that the clients are always happy. Without clients, the hotel will go down. Happy guests aid in marketing and sharing referrals within their circle about the hotel. This gesture works to the hotel’s advantage as they are being marketed and assured of guests.

To achieve this, all the hotel facilities have to be working fine, and a means to ease service delivery has to be formulated. Every operation in the hotel has to be carried out efficiently and effectively. The hotel has to ensure that its clients are always pleased with the services they are receiving in the establishment. Client satisfaction is the major reason why most hotels are incorporating dumbwaiters in their premises. They have numerous advantages that make them a necessity for hotels with food service. The main benefits of installing dumbwaiters are;

Improve Efficiency

While most people see dumbwaiters from the transportation aspect, they fail to see it from the bigger picture that has helped ease a lot of workload in a hotel. It is not about moving items across different floors but the convenience of providing quality service to clients. They aid in the improvement of hotel efficiency a great deal.


Most dumbwaiters come with a safety feature that prevents the device from falling. The fall can be caused by cable or rope failure. The safety feature guarantees that both guests and staffs are safe at all times. They are a good mobility solution for elderly and disabled guests as they can enjoy the hotel amenities with a lot of ease. Food transportation is also safe, and the risk of contamination is reduced. Cases of food poisoning will decrease when it comes to foodservice within the hotel.

Worthwhile Investment

Regardless of how you look at it, dumbwaiters are a worthwhile investment for any establishment. It is a one-off cost that serves its purpose with efficiency and for a long time. The hotel will greatly benefit from its many uses. The costs of expenditure to incur it will not be felt but rather be recovered in a short while through service efficiency that generates more revenue for the hotel.

Transport Convenience

Dumbwaiters offer a quick solution to the mobility of stuff no matter how heavy they are. This aids hotels in transporting meals between floors with a lot of ease. Customers do not have to wait for long for their orders.  Dumbwaiters promote efficiency in the running of things across different departments within the hotel.

Make Lifting easier

When staffs continuously engage in lifting objects after a short while, they may start to experience back pain depending on the posture when conducting this task. The pain will directly affect their productivity. It will greatly affect the efficiency of operations. Dumbwaiters will help avoid such problems from occurring since staff will use them to lift and transport items.

Save Time

A lot of time is used when moving items one at a time within a hotel establishment by the staff. However, dumbwaiters will be able to ensure that such tasks are accomplished within a short time frame. Staff can use the rest of the time to carry out different productive tasks around the hotel. It simply means that the hotel employees save their time and can manage their duties effectively.

Dumbwaiters are an asset for any hotel. As a useful addition to the establishment, the hotel management has to ensure proper maintenance and servicing takes place now and then. Proper maintenance will ensure no disruption of service and that the dumbwaiter can last for long. They are versatile and hence easy to use and can serve many purposes. Proper care will ensure that they run properly for a long period. Dumbwaiters are must have for every accommodation that runs food service as it one of its operations. They make up the list of the inventions that have been overlooked for a long time. However, it can improve the quality of service that guests will receive at a hotel.

What Are Common Issues and Maintenance Problems In Caravans?

You have to be in love with adventure and spontaneity to own a motorhome; the convenience and flexibility of caravans are satisfying. The fact that you don’t have to hurry home or a nearby town for food or accommodation is enough vacation; with a caravan, you are self-sufficient. Whichever place interests your eyes and feels suitable to your body is home. While you enjoy unlimited freedom of stay and adventure, caravans have their fair share of problems. Caravans, as caravan repair, involve more than mechanical issues like regular vehicles. Mechanical issues are the least of your worries because with such you can easily point out a problem and fix. Maintenance of caravans involves internal and external electrical repairs; you have to keep these in check to avoid surprises or inconveniences on your trip.

Here are some common problems you should look out for before setting out on a trip.

Leaking shower

Plumbing and shower trays should be your first check when you notice water-dripping form the shower when not in use. Leakage is the last thing you want to experience in a caravan because water has significant effects on the floor and other parts of your motorhome. A mere crack on shower tray exposes you to risks of falling and possible infections because of rust in the pipes. A slippery floor can easily lead to falls and physical injury. Rusty pipes is a breeding environment for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms that can leak through kitchen taps.

Failing taps

It is a common concern for people with caravans to be stranded because no water is running from the taps. Usually, water supply is not the issue. Failing taps are often caused by battery issues, plumping, pumping, and fault with micro switches. It can be frustrating after a long drive in the middle of nowhere to find your taps are completely off. The causes of type failure usually require expertise diagnosis for substantive repairs; you don’t want to be dealing with the same issue every time. Battery power and performance largely influences pumps and flow of water.

Failed air conditioners

A constant flow of fresh air in and out of a caravan is vital for comfortability during a vacation. it is no adventure if you are having problems with your air conditioner; stuffiness or cold is no way to enjoy your trip. Caravan systems are all interconnected in the sense that failure in the supply of power from the battery or recharging of the battery affects all systems including air conditioning. It is not strange to meet people stranded outside a caravan because the inside is too hot; it is worse if you were exploring arid regions.


Short-circuiting and loose connections lead to a power outage. Apart from failure in air conditioner and water supply, lights will also go off. While some caravans are designed to allow natural light, it is never enough because of the multiple compartments in a caravan. External light cannot suffice; you will be stranded the moment lights go off. It is a common electrical issue with caravans that experts can easily diagnose and fix; loose cables and short-circuit is a major cause of the blackout.

Van sagging

Beam axle and leaf springs are typical suspension techniques used in caravans. They are not easy to break but are common causes of van sagging. The suspension can be affected due to overloading of a caravan or hitting bumps on high speed. When the load is more than the van can pull, it exerts pressure on the suspension and joint between the two motors hence sagging on one side. This can be easily noticed when driving; you will feel a weight on one side when maneuvering a corner. Do not assume one-sided weight when pulling a caravan, it might lead to serious accident or damage to your whole equipment.

Kitchen damage

Falling utensils from a cupboard are common causes of scratch on kitchen benchtops and sinks. Depending on weight and materials of your cups and plates, they can tear up the benchtops and break taps. All you need is engaging an expert for full repair; the kitchen can be ugly with scratches all over. Apart from functionality, design, and appearance of your caravan interior are vital. Everything should be perfect when heading out on a vacation; if you can’t repair or replace the kitchen skin and benchtops better postpone your trip until you all the repairs are done.

Fridge and washing machine failure

Just like the air conditioner and lighting system, these two also rely on proper electrical connections. It is important to pay a professional to install a fridge and washing machine. It is not only cost saving because you will not have to check for loose electrical cables or short circuits every time but also safe. Short circuits with a washing machine can be dangerous especially if you are going on a trip with kids. Water and electricity are dangerous if they mix; this is why you should find an expert for all external and internal electrical installations.

Investing in a caravan is a great idea if you love adventure; however, you should be ready to check regularly on its electrical connections and any faults as highlighted to avoid unnecessary hassle while on vacation.

Sophisticated Landscape Designs

Andy Murray is the producer of carefully designed gardens suitable for everyone. The landscape designs are sophisticated and based on producing a unique, individual style for the owner of the garden. Gardens are carefully crafted with care and passion to deliver a beautiful and functional garden with added elegance.

Andy Murray Landscape Design is based in Australia, Melbourne, Victoria and has since the foundation, structured eight fully formed garden designs that are unique and resemble a choice in personal choice. Having worked in partnership with Verdigris, a successful landscape design company, Andy Murray then went solo in designing and producing his own garden designs.


Andy has a great eye for detail and can pick the best designs for a landscape to produce the best garden possible. He has also acquired a lot of his skills with a strong knowledge in horticulture, when studying the subject at Burnley School of Horticulture.

As a qualified landscape designer, he has been successful in designing hundreds of gardens for many people, including private clients and developers. Furthermore, he has partnered up with leading architects and innovators in Australia to enhance his business and design sophisticated landscape designs for gardens.

Andy Murray Landscape Designs can turn your garden into a sophisticated landscape with elegance and a major improvement overall to enrich the lives of people who are viewing the garden and increase the value of your property. His work is of high standard and is always collaborating with his clients to ensure the best possible garden is formed through his vision and experience.

Andy has a passion for design in general but specifically garden design as he has had experience with designing gardens and studied in the past. His passion includes ensuring that the gardens look sophisticated and clean when completed and he hopes that his clients feel sophisticated and happy in the future with their enhanced garden.


From start to finish, Andy is there and involved in the project to ensure that the client is satisfied and everything they require for their garden is fully noted and understood.

An initial meeting would be set up first to discuss the client’s requirements and answer any questions that they may have. A viewing of house will also be organised to see exactly what enhancements need to be made and to grasp the client’s vision.

The process of building the garden will then be arranged and from there a pending completion is set for the garden. On-going garden maintenance is also a process that will continue to ensure that there are no issues with the garden and if so that they are dealt with accordingly and in a professional manger.

We want to ensure that we build strong long term relationships with our clients and remain professional to produce the best sophisticated landscape designs.

We cover commission from small country yards, rooftop gardens and even large county estates; Andy Murray can add a stream of freshness and uniqueness to the garden that is based on the client’s personal preference.

We want to ensure that your garden is well planned and development in a way that is of the highest quality possible.

Ngaro Sea Trail

The Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail is very easy to navigate with private, chartered and commercial boats available, but you can also use a kayak and other vessels you find convenient to use. There are commercial boats you can find on the Shute Harbor and the Airlie Beach. The Bareboats can found on the Hamilton Island, Shute Harbor and Airlie Beach. You can easily find public boat ramps in the area without much trouble. This makes exploring the scenic walk along the Ngaro Sea Trail much fun and convenient for tourists.

Camping along Ngaro Sea Trail
There are a good range of camping locations in the Ngaro Sea Trail where tourists must camp to feel the natural life style of the Ngaro people, with a small fee of $5.30 for camping which you will need to pay. Also before you can camp in the natural park you will need a camping permit. Depending on the number of days and nights you plan on camping the price will be calculated at the rate of $21.30 per night. The family group can comprise of two adults and accompanying children under the age of eighteen. There is no campign fee for children below the age of five, but if schools wish to arrange excursion visits, it costs $2.90 per child.

Before going camping make sure to prepare well because there will be lots of fine white sand and rubble. There will be micro-flush toilets and picnic tables provided in most camping grounds, however, open fires and use of generators is prohibited at the Ngaro Sea Trail camping locations.

The camping locations in the Ngaro Sea Trail include:

  • Sandy Bay, South Molle Island
  • Paddle Bay, South Molle Island
  • Northern Spit, Henning Island
  • Chance Bay, Whitsunday Island
  • Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island
  • Peter Bay, Whitsunday Island
  • Dugong Beach, Whitsunday Island
  • Curlew Beach, Hook Island

Exploring By Car

A great holiday experience in the Whitsundays is not complete without spending time exploring on land. It’s not just the amazing blue waters surrounding the 74 remarkable islands in Whitsundays, but it’s also about the sceneries on the Islands. There are beautiful waterfalls, rocks, caves and dams to explore and spending time surrounded by the natural balance on Mother Nature can be a unique experience for travellers.

There are many tour operators like Airlie Beach, providing travel services at a wide range of affordable prices. Once you visit the Whitsundays all you need is a proper tour around scenic drives and walks, in rainforests and scenic waterfalls. You can car rentals for a full day tour, half day tour, and even extended tours to explore the the eastern coast and islands. Of course, you must know that diving off waterfalls or jumping into them is strictly prohibited because much of the area is a national park, but having said this, there are some remarkable scenic drives and walks to spend time at while you are here.

  • Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail
  • Whitsunday Great! Walk
  • Cedar Creek Falls
  • Gap Beach
  • Woompoo Walk
  • Kingfisher Circuit
  • Conway National Park
  • Whitsunday Crocodile Safari
  • Mount Rooper Circuit and Swamp Bay Track
  • Peter Faust Dam

You may also like to visit the Spion Kop Track, Solway Circuit, Mount Rooper Circuit and Swamp Bay Track, Villa Botanica Weddings, Coconut Beach – Boat Port Circuit

Melbourne Property Boom Get The Right Advice On Melbourne Real Estate From Accrue Property

Make no mistake Melbourne is a property investors mecca and with low interest rates the lowest they have been in years it is easy to see investor confidence on the rise throughout the Melbourne property market.

There is a better way than spending Saturday’s in Melbourne among the thousands of property seekers attending property auctions featured in the Melbourne property boom.

Over time, many people make money or keep up with inflation by purchasing a home. Paying off a mortgage early has always been a clever way to create wealth as interest paid to a mortgagee is gone forever.

Finding a home or an investment property in Melbourne is complicated. Real estate agents are obliged to act in the interest of their client, who is usually the vendor, so their comments about a property should be seen in that light. How then do young couples who are not experienced in the Melbourne property industry gain some insight into the first question that any buyer should ask: “Location.”?

Anyone looking to buy land, a house, a home unit, a town house or an apartment in Melbourne should conduct some research because “Time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted”.

RPData at www.corelogic.com.au supplies loads of information about the sale price of any property in Melbourne with recent sales and historical sales data for every building in every street. Most agents subscribe to RPData so ask for access to the information on a suburb when you call in to see what they have to offer or to enquire about a property that had a sign out the front.

Even after conducting property research, most first time or experienced buyers will have questions. That is why buying a property for investment or to live in is challenging.

There is a smart source of property information: Local Knowledge.  Accrue Property is a consultancy that has a core business consisting of real estate property acquisitions where they negotiate for and introduce their long term clients and new clients, who are interested in sourcing property, to people and businesses with property to sell.

Accrue Property’s Director, Jeff Grochowski knows the Melbourne property market very well as he stays in touch with numerous property developers of town houses and houses to stay abreast of what projects they have under way or on the books.

In this way, Jeff can help people to avoid the Saturday auction scene and the disappointment that often follows when competition gets out of hand. Some of Jeff’s clients have bought property that had never even been on a real estate agent’s listings. That inside knowledge and Melbourne property contact list is what makes Accrue Property worth a call.

Finding a new town house or home in some of the best suburbs of Melbourne, close to schools, shopping, transport and the city is easier with a little professional help. An added bonus is being able to look at a selection of properties in one day in an environment without competition.